PTC Extending ThingWorx to Accelerate IoT Value

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Howard Heppelmann,
GM, Connected Product Management, PTC

Howard Heppelmann, GM

Analysts estimate that there will be over 50 billion "things" connected by the year 2020. That seismic shift towards IoT production means that companies must start transforming their product lines and their organizational structure to remain competitive.

But a successful foray into IoT is more than adding a few chips and sensors. There is an entire infrastructure that must be architected and assembled. ThingWorx removes the barriers to development, with the first platform designed to build and run the applications of the connected world.

PTC's Howard Heppelmann shares the latest features and capabilities of ThingWorx. A true IoT platform, ThingWorx reduces the time, cost and risk required to build innovative Internet of Things (IoT) applications. With Thingworx, deployments can accelerate by 10x. Smart product data can be mashed up with other enterprise data, and flexibly presented through role-specific dashboards. On premise and cloud applications provide product flexibility, and the platform is extensible, allowing your IoT products and strategy to grow over time.

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