Engineering Unit Converter

Convert Your Engineering Units with PTC Mathcad

As an engineer you are often tasked with converting units throughout your calculations. Performing this in spreadsheet software can be tedious and often inaccurate. What you need is an engineering unit converter. PTC Mathcadengineering unit conversion capabilities makes this process easy - even with the most complex calculations. When units are included in your input variables, PTC Mathcad recognizes your units and processes them according to the fundamental laws of units. It will provide the numerical answer in whatever unit system you choose.

Key Features:

  • Carries units forward through all your calculations, so you don't have to do it more than once

  • Unit conversion appears automatically in your numerical results

  • Flags any of your unit-related errors so you know if and when something is wrong

Convert all of your engineering units, including:

  • Force: convert pound force (lbf) to Newtons (N)

  • Mass: convert pounds (lb) to kilograms (kg)

  • Pressure: convert pounds per square inch (psi) to Pascals (Pa)

  • Torque: convert pound force feet (lbf ft) to Newton meters (Nm)

  • Voltage: convert Watts (W) to Joules (J)

Engineering Unit Conversion Tip and Trick of the Week:

Did You Know: Units can be displayed in their base units instead of in simplified form. Activate the button Base Units on a result to display the units in base units.

Take 90 seconds to learn how PTC Mathcad can serve as your engineering unit converter: