Engineering Data Analysis

Solve Complex Data Analysis with PTC Mathcad

Do you often feel you have insufficient knowledge or expertise in statistics? The biggest hurdles engineers often face when analyzing engineering data is knowing what trends to analyze. It's easy to take an average or a standard deviation or smooth data, but to test hypotheses, determine confidence intervals or design experiments, requires you to have a certain level of knowledge.

PTC Mathcad has a powerful set of tools that can help you with your engineering data analysis. From data smoothing, interpolation, regression, statistical analysis, and Design of Experiments capabilities PTC Mathcad can help you with all your engineering data analysis. Our free engineering data analysis worksheet shows how the software can help you easily solve a complex statistical analysis.

Features and Benefits of Engineering Data Analysis

  • Generate regression models to predict data outside the scope of the existing data
  • Determine correlations between process input factors and process outputs using Design of Experiment capabilities
  • Perform all data analysis with the same tool that you do your engineering calculations

Engineering Data Analysis Tip and Trick of the Week:

PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 has the ability to detect outliers in data sets? Grubbs, GrubbsClassic and ThreeSigma are functions that can be used to do so.