PTC Mathcad エンジニアリング ノート:詳細

エンジニアリング ノートとは

設計意図の再構築に大量の時間とコストをかけてきた人なら誰でも、すべての製品データと計算の情報を簡単に更新できることがいかに重要であるかがわかるでしょう。この情報源となるものがエンジニアリング ノートです。

PTC Mathcad エンジニアリング ノートを使用すると、計算を行った後、テキスト、画像、プロット、グラフ、自然数学表記など、用途に応じた最適なフォームで設計上の選択肢を文書化できます。データの "羅列" ではなく、会社全体で検索し、把握し、使用できる 1 つの知的財産になります。

Document Your Design Intent

  • Capture your calculations and notes through written text as well as natural math notation – allowing you to easily share worksheets with colleagues.

  • Visualize complex data through the use of advanced plotting – tables and graphs allow for more visual documentation.

  • Embed a brand new PTC Mathcad worksheet, or one you've already created, into your PTC Creo model at any part or assembly level. Use these embedded worksheets as documents to record design assumptions, decisions, and intent. This PTC Creo integration allows all documentation to be saved within the model and travel with it wherever it goes.

Create Analysis Driven Designs

  • Use advanced analysis features such as curve fitting, smoothing, and statistical analysis to ensure your CAD model is structurally sound.

  • Capture and reuse calculations – allowing for cross-company standardization.

  • Seamlessly connect CAD models to your pertinent documentation and CAD calculations – allowing for Creo models and PTC Mathcad worksheets to be merged together, enabling design transparency and traceability.

Verify and Validate Your Designs

  • Push CAD parameters and dimensions into PTC Mathcad to initiate geometry-based design verification.

  • PTC Mathcad's live math environment will automatically update when your CAD software pushes a new set of values to PTC Mathcad, giving you an up to date look at all CAD calculations.

  • PTC Mathcad will tell you whether or not your CAD model meets your design requirements from a mathematical standpoint. This validation will give you confidence that your current model meets all requirements.