PTC Mathcad

PTC Mathcad は、重要な計算を解き、解析し、共有するための工学技術計算


PTC Mathcad は技術的なコンピューティング ソフトウェアで、スプレッドシート、ワード プロセッサ、プレゼンテーション ソフトウェア、プログラミング アプリケーションでは不可能な作業が可能になり、強力な工学技術計算機能が、人が読める形式で提供されます。こうした読み取りが可能なライブ計算にプロット、グラフ、テキスト、イメージを統合し、インタラクティブで見栄えのする単一のドキュメントを作成することができます。

エンジニアリング ノートのように簡便で親しみのある作業環境で、設計を検討し、検査と検証を行い、重要なエンジニアリング情報を明確に伝達することができます。PTC Mathcad のエキスパートでなくても、PTC Mathcad のドキュメントを読んで理解することができます。

PTC Mathcad Prime Features

See PTC Mathcad in Action!

PTC Mathcad is math software that allows live mathematical notation, units intelligence and powerful calculation capabilities, presented within an easy-to-use interface. Watch the Video ›


Engineering Data Analysis

PTC Mathcad provides a rich set of unit-intelligent data analysis tools that supports calculation, analysis and visualization of results. Learn More ›


Engineering Notebook Powered by PTC Mathcad

Ensure the design intent of your CAD model is documented, protected and accessible for future efforts. Learn More ›


Engineering Unit Converter

Keep unit consistency throughout all engineering calculations. Watch the Video ›


Advanced Engineering Math

PTC Mathcad includes powerful capabilities such as specialized and pre-built functions for engineers to solve advanced engineering math. Learn More ›


Solving Systems of Equations

Quickly solve systems of linear, non-linear, and differential equations. Learn More ›


Excel Component

Leverage data in existing spreadsheets easily. Watch the Video ›


Trig Equation Solver

PTC Mathcad provides engineers with a powerful solution for calculating and visualizing trigonometry. Learn More ›



New functions that are up to 100 times faster provide extended capability and return the result in easier to work with format. Watch the Video ›



Create templates that include all your content and simply use that as the basis for your new worksheets. Watch the Video ›


Advanced Numerics and Custom Functions

New functions that are up to 100 times faster provide extended capability and return the result in easier to work with format. Watch the Video ›



Write and integrate your own functions, customizing your environment to meet your specific requirements. Watch the Video ›


3D Plots

Many complex models require 3D views to better understand these models and data. Create 3D polar, contour and surface plots. Watch the Video ›


Comprehensive Documentation

PTC Mathcad allows you to present calculations and designs by integrating live math, text, plots and images in one comprehensive document. Watch the Video ›


X–Y Plots

Visualize data and functions using X-Y plots. Watch the Video ›


PTC Mathcad for the CAD Engineer

PTC Mathcad allows CAD engineers to communicate engineering knowledge and design intent across the design lifecycle. Watch the Video ›