Deckers Outdoor 社が PLM でグローバル ビジネスを拡大


小売業界向け PLM のリーダー

グローバル ビジネスを拡大するのは簡単なことではありません。いくつものブランドにわたる何百の製品とグローバルなパートナーのネットワークの管理が必要になります。ライフスタイル ブランド企業である Deckers Outdoor 社は、現在の業務プロセスとテクノロジでは将来的に不十分だと考えました。

PTC 小売業界向け PLM ソリューションでグローバルな小売業を管理する方法の詳細をご紹介します。

As companies grow and expand into different regions, they are challenged to meet differing markets’ needs and adjust their offerings for new demands. Deckers Outdoor faced these challenges when tailoring their products specifically for different markets around the world.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) provides Deckers with the visibility they need across the development landscape. This helps them understand what is going on across all of their brands. With over $1 million in savings, PLM has allowed Deckers to drive spend optimization and inventory for the company. Early visibility gained with PLM also has allowed them to forecast earlier, on trend, and closer to market and has enabled them to get 20 weeks closer to market.

At this accelerated growth pace, Deckers’ existing processes couldn’t keep up with their continued growth. They needed consistency across brands and visibility into the product development process to leverage economies of scale. PLM has helped Deckers cut costs and integrate customer feedback and requests into their product lines immediately while ensuring consistency across brands.

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