STEM Projects

STEM Projects

Our team of engineers and educators designed model curriculum for you to use in the classroom. Each project is organized around the Explore-Create-Share framework and includes lesson plans, student materials, and 3D models.

Each project focuses on a design challenge that is relevant to students. The Teacher Guide provides lesson plans and other instructional delivery tips. The Students Guides are a collection of resources to hand out to students such as worksheets and informational documents. The 3D models are virtual models that can be used to enrich classroom learning with PTC Creo View.

NEW! Digital Robotics Curriculum

The Digital Robotics Curriculum includes a Beginner & Advanced edition that introduces students to the world of robotics through the lens of design, CAD, programming, and real world STEM education. The Beginner edition is suited for middle and high school, and the Advanced edition is recommended for high school. Both projects cover science, engineering, ELA, and other subject-area standards.

Biomimicry Primer (Grades 3-6)

The Biomimicry Primer is an introductory unit on how nature can inspire technology innovation. Students explore examples of biomimicry and participate in a brief design challenge where they apply nature’s strategies in a hands-on, interactive activity. This unit is recommended as a first step for classrooms implementing other Biomimicry projects.

Biomimicry Spacesuit Project (Grades 3-12)

The Spacesuit Project challenges student to create Mars spacesuits inspired by plant adaptations. Students learn about Mars climate, spacesuit design, and plant adaptations. Using this knowledge they create new spacesuit concepts and summarize their work with a Design Brief. This integrated curriculum focuses on biology, earth and space science, and engineering/technology subject areas.

Maslow’s Mars Project (Grades 5-8)

Biomimicry FIRST Project (Grades 9-12)

The Biomimicry FIRST project is an extension activity for teachers implementing Textrix & First Tech Challenge (FTC) activities. This activity challenges students to build a robot design inspired by animal adaptation in nature. This integrated curriculum focuses on technology/engineering, robotics, and biology.

Biomimicry Glider Project (Grades 9-12)

The Biomimicry Glider Project challenges students to design gliders inspired by birds. Students learn about glider history, aerodynamics, and bird adaptations and apply this knowledge to their glider designs. This integrated curriculum focuses on technology/engineering, history, and biology.